Category: team

Robinah Nakaggwe

Ms. Robinah Nakaggwe, the esteemed Branch Manager at Nzuri Trust Limited, brings a wealth of experience in Office Administration, Accounting, and Credit Administration to her role. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to professional excellence, Robinah is instrumental in driving the growth and sustainability of her

Susan Nakalimo Agati

Ms. Nakalimo Susan Agati brings her passion for serving the underprivileged to her role as Manager of Group Lending at Nzuri Trust Limited. With over 13 years of hands-on experience in microfinance, Susan has established herself as a dedicated professional committed to empowering communities through financial inclusion. Beginning her journey

Gerald Kikoyo

Mr. Gerald Kikoyo serves as the Head of Finance at Nzuri Trust Limited, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience in Financial Management to his role. A qualified Certified Public Accountant with an MBA in Accounting and Finance, Gerald boasts over 20 years of distinguished career in finance across international

Consolanta Ahereza

Ms. Consolanta Ahereza serves as the accomplished Managing Director of Nzuri Trust Limited. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Accounting) from Makerere University Business School, she brings a wealth of expertise to her leadership role. Consolanta has also attended several professional trainings both locally and internationally to attain various credentials.